Don’t Waste Your Time

You say that you know me,
But trust me,
 You don’t.
No one does.
Nobody can feel
The way my bones ache
When I think of you.
Or how the pain
Of a heart ripping
From the inside out
Is all too familiar.
You could never figure out
How alcohol
Kind of tastes like you.
 Or how I realized that
When I try to forget your name
I end up
Forgetting mine instead.
You don’t know how I’m afraid
To give anyone a part of me
Or how I’ve never said “I love you”
And meant it.
How the hell
Could you say
You know who I am?
The bottom line is
You don’t.
But I’m one of those mysteries
Better left unsolved.

About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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One Response to Don’t Waste Your Time

  1. JeanKreza says:

    It is so painful sometimes… 😦

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