I’m Sure of This

 I can be drunk out of my mind
And remember nothing
Except for my love for you
(And that doesn’t seem to go away).
I look at you
With a mouthful of forever’s
And I swallow them whole.
I long for you to reach out for me
Like I’m your solution
And I want to hold you
Like you’re hope.
But instead, I test my self-restraint.
I’m not sure about anything, really.
But I’m sure about this.
You’re the kind of person
People write novels about.
You’re my Augustus Waters.
I’m sure of it.
And it kills me
That you don’t know
How wonderful you truly are.
You’re blinded
By your father’s criticisms
And your mother’s scrutiny.
And I see the pain in your eyes
(As much as you try to hide it)
Because you don’t think
You’re good enough
So I’ll try to have enough faith in you
For the both of us.
Because you are good enough.
I’m sure of it.

About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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