Beautiful Mystery

You are one of those mysteries
I can’t seem to figure out
And I’m addicted
To your elusiveness.
I’d like to think of myself
As a detective
Trying to know you
And over the years
I have learned things
Like how your mind is home 
To five hundred galaxies
And how you’re Atlas,
Carrying the burden
Of the limitless expectations
Your parents have for you
And how you’re terrified
Of another rejection
Because so far
It’s all you’ve known
And I can tell
You have a hard time
Gluing together the broken pieces
They shattered mercilessly
And you’d hate
To let me see you
In all your cracked perfection
Yet somehow,
You still make time to smile
Your time-stopping grin
That tells me 
How much of you
Is unknown territory
And I’m lured in like a fish on a hook
To figure out
Who you really are

About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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2 Responses to Beautiful Mystery

  1. I like all of your work, but this is my favourite by far, it means so much to me personally, reading it, I feel like I understand perfectly how you felt when you wrote it. You’re really very talented 🙂

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