Long Distance

The odds are against us,
I know that.
Relationships like this one
Don’t typically work
And our friends
Won’t let us forget it.
“It’s for your own protection”
They say.
But we know some things they don’t.
They don’t know how it feels
To finally have found
What you’ve been searching for.
They can’t see the way I look at you
Or how you show that breathtaking smile of yours
When I do
And, as if in a trance, 
I don’t know what to say
So I smile too.
And these silences are never awkward.
They don’t know how I fought ruthlessly
Against fatigue and sleep deprivation
Because I didn’t want 
To stop talking to you
And how you did the same thing
Until we saw the sun rise over the trees.
They’ve never heard our incessant laughter
And they can’t communicate
Without words.
They don’t know that all these poems are about you.

About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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