Death Wish

I didn’t understand smoking.
I didn’t get how a person could breathe hell
Into their lungs
And set them on fire
Because they wanted to forget
And get a slight buzz
That leaves them artificially happy
For a brief moment in time.
I didn’t get why one would pay money
To shorten their life
And have the odor of death linger,
Clinging to them like a promise.
But now I understand.
I love the way hell tastes.
I like the promise of shortened misery.
My odor stained fingers
Remind me of a pending release.
The wispy white smoke
I blow out of my mouth and nose
Tells me I’m strong like a motherfucking dragon
And I’m destined for more than this.
So now I’m addicted
Because I need to escape this torment.


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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2 Responses to Death Wish

  1. Kao Tung says:

    i love this ❤
    what torment does a "motherfucking dragon" need to escape from?
    it is so mysterious and it "clings like a promise"
    thank you for inspiring me

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