15 Things I Never Told You and Probably Never Will

1) You told me once that you aren’t worth loving. I didn’t believe you for a second.
2) You have a smile that could stop time. It lights up your eyes and makes my problems melt away like a drug. You should show it more.
3) No one has ever made me laugh as much as you did on the night of vodka shots and beanstalk impersonations.
4) No one had successfully broken my heart until the night you told me you couldn’t wait to return home to lips that weren’t mine.
5) I almost unveiled my secrets to you that night on the causeway under the flickering streetlights and speckled midnight sky. That’s never happened before.
6) Long distance friendships never last. But at this point, losing you would be like losing an organ.
7) Our mothers joke about us ending up together one day. I roll my eyes and shake my head as I hope they’re right.
8) I had the perfect chance to kiss you once and I regret passing it up.
9) Sometimes I use alcohol to try to forget your name, but I always end up forgetting mine first.
10) I dream about you a lot, and that makes waking up a lot harder.
11) You used to tell me every time it snowed. You’d say you wish I was there. Well now it’s snowing here and there’s nothing I’d rather have than you sitting right here next to me. I wonder if you still feel the same way.
12) You were the only person in the world who could make me enjoy heavy music. I’m glad you took advantage of that.
13) Poetry doesn’t do much to ease the pain that comes with missing you, but at least this way my thoughts are organized.
14) I sing those cheesy love songs like they were written about us. Super lame, I know.
15) There’s something missing in every boy I meet: the fact that none of them are you. 

About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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2 Responses to 15 Things I Never Told You and Probably Never Will

  1. This was like reading my own thoughts this time last year, stay strong and positive, some things really are meant to be 🙂 x

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