The Promise of “I Love You”

I never really pinned myself as the kind of person
Who could fall in love.
Not like this.

As far as I was concerned, love was an abstract word saved for fairy tales;
A temporary misjudgement;
Wishful thinking, but seldom the truth.
There was no such thing as soul mates, “happily ever after’s”, Prince Charming’s
Or any of that shit
Because reality didn’t work that way.
Not for me.
In reality, pure happiness was fleeting
And things like love never lasted.
People weren’t meant to stay together forever.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself uttering the words
I never thought would escape my lips
And imagine how that was amplified when you smiled at me, honesty exposed,
And repeated the same phrase
And when you kissed me like the ocean kisses the shore
Sealing the promise we had just made.

“I love you.”

Those heavy words that never dared escape my lips
Felt safe rolling off my tongue and into your ear
Just like I feel safe secured in your protective embrace
As you expose me to the taste of the galaxies when our lips are pressed together.

No one has ever told me what love is,
All I’ve ever had was a vague idea
But I know for a fact, that if it does actually exist,
We found it
And this miracle we have is hidden treasure.

We are the lucky ones.


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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