I Can’t Forget About You

I can’t help but spend my days thinking about you
About your soothing voice that would be silk if it were to be put in a tangible form
Or the taste of your lips pressed against mine:
Salvation with a lingering hint of your cigarette habit.
The way you stared in my direction,
Those radiant eyes beaming,
Lit up by your exquisite smile
Like I was something extraordinary.
The way you held my hand so tight
Or how you played me the song I repeat every night that reminded you of me.
Remember how you sang to it?
Remember the way you looked at me?
I think of the way you made me feel beautiful in all my exposed imperfection.
And the way you told me “I love you”
Like you sincerely meant it.
How you held me in your protective embrace as I slept
As if to shield me from the knives and snares of my own inner demons.
Your gentle touch on my jawline sent shivers down my spine and gave me chills,
Because my body could not contain my exploding love for you.
We talked about or future together like there was no doubt about it
You tickled me because you love my crooked smile and unfortunate laugh
That are neither of those adjectives in your eyes.
You told me I mean more than the world to you
And I could tell you were serious.
I gave you half of my heart that week.

About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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