Caught in the Storm

I’ve never really been good at abstract stuff.
I’m the type that likes things that are concrete,
Things you know are always there,
Like the constant cycle of the sun and the moon.
Or the guarantee of snow fall in the winter.
I need reliability.
I can’t just put my trust in something that might not stay intact.
That’s like walking across a bridge
That is perfectly capable of collapsing at any second.
There’s just too much to lose.

See, I’ve never really been good at things like love
Or God, or even friendship, for that matter.
Because I can’t put all my faith in someone
Without the promise that they won’t walk away.
My heart is surrounded by fifty foot concrete walls at all times
And I’ve never had to worry about anyone caring enough
To break them down

But then you came along
With your radiant personality and contagious smile
Your penetrating eyes, your soft lips, and your love for me
And I began to feel the walls shaking

You entered into my world in the same way a hurricane does.
Everything is quiet and manageable.
There’s a gentle breeze that seems really nice at first,
But next thing you know you have no control over which direction your body’s going
And you can’t see straight.
You wonder how it happened, how you got caught in this storm
But you can’t remember
All you know is you were picked up by some unknown force
And you’re falling now
At an incredible velocity
And you’re bracing yourself for the collision of your fragile body against the cold, hard earth.
Your walls of protection are in left in pieces on the ground
And you’re in the most vulnerable position;
Everything is on the line.

Next thing I knew my heart was in your hands
And I was whispering promises of forever into your ear
And I still know love is a bar of soap
That you can’t grab without it slipping out of your palms,
It’s not one of those things you can hold on to
And make sure they don’t change
And that used to terrify me,
But then you and your irrefutable perfection came along
And everything is different now.


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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