Nothing’s going right
Everything’s falling to pieces
And all she can do is stand there
With feet nailed to the ground
And watch it all crumble

She can barely hold herself up
Her chin trembles
And her throat is closing:
Symptoms of potential waterfalls

But she doesn’t shed any tears.
She’s beyond that point
She’s feeling so much
She’s feeling nothing at all

Trapped in her mind,
She’s a prisoner of her own creation
She’s losing her faith
And suddenly her ambitions seem unattainable

Her wide doe eyes
Are surrounded by dark circles
And they don’t light up like they used to

Seeing her smile
Is as rare as finding dinosaur bones

Her porcelain wrists
Are laced with battle scars

She’s lost within herself
And no one can save her


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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