Climate Change

The frigid talons of the cold
Caress my face in its harsh icy grip
Turning my cheeks the same color
As the blood that once poured out of my wounds

It holds me in its embrace
Like a bed of nails
The chattering of my teeth
And involuntary shakes
Are the only things reminding me
I am alive

Like the kiss of a dementor
It takes a bit of my soul away
And brings with it the severity of reality

And it’s funny,
Because it was warm yesterday
And the rays of the soothing sun
Extended its arms
And stroked my cheeks with reassurance
Making invisible my battle scars

I wasn’t breathing in daggers
But rather sunshine
I couldn’t hear the brutal hissing
That echoed through the trees
Or the malicious cackle that repeats in my ears like a promise

Yesterday I heard the whisper of blossoming flowers
And cheery salutations of good morning
The creek rushed over stones
Like playful children playing leap frog

I’m not sure exactly when the temperature dropped,
But everything is different now.


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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