Flawed Language

The way your smile lights up my face
And accelerates the rate of my heartbeat
Like increased pressure on a gas petal
Has made me realize the shortcomings
Of the English language

Feelings don’t translate well into words do they?
I can’t explain how you tend to make
Each ordinary movement of a lung
A brilliant adventure

Or how before I met you I felt like the word scattered
Like the inconsistent wing beats of a moth
Or some kind of off key anthem

I can’t accurately convey how being with you
Felt like the word stable
Because you told me I’m too beautiful to be a moth,
A butterfly would be better,
And my life is not one to be sung in minor

It kills me that I can’t show you
That I feel like I’m floating
Just by sensing your touch

I hate that I can’t prove that I love you


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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