Someone Asked Me to Describe Myself

I have green eyes
But not the beautiful kind
They don’t resemble emeralds,
They’re more like the color of mushed peas
You find in the baby food aisle

I have straight teeth
With a relentlessly yellow tint
That defy overpriced whitening strips
And toothpaste that says “radiant” on the box

My hair doesn’t flow like it should
It’s not straight or curly
But rather an indecisive mess
That matches my personality

My heart is full of candy coated anguish
Because my mom once told me
Never to let them see me cry

I’m so good at hiding misery
I don’t feel it anymore
Instead I sit on the floor
Surrounded by half written poems
Feeling nothing

I follow my mother’s advice so well
That not even I see me cry

No one has my heart
Because it sits behind dragons
And a locked gate
With a ‘no trespassing’ sign

And I don’t have a Prince Charming who cares to save it
So, there it will stay


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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