Now We’re Strangers

My brain doesn’t wander into thoughts of you anymore
I don’t get lost in the ways you made me smile
I used to think of you in terms of sunshine and melodies

You resembled the good things

You slowly but surely
Pushed aside my rib cage
And moved your belongings into my heart

I gave you the key

My eyes filled to the brim with hope when I saw you
You used to make me smile on the inside
Because you noticed me,
The little things

Like once you said you liked
The way my hair wasn’t brown, but it wasn’t blonde either
And how I kiss like I mean it
Even when I’m drunk

You don’t say those things anymore
Partly because we don’t talk outside of the weather
And the occasional “hey, what’s up?”

I packed up the things you left in my chest
And I gave them back to you
As I prepared a needle and thread
To stitch my heart back together

I don’t know when I was okay again
But now I see you as that one time
I confused a lesson
For a soul mate




About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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