Things I’d Tell My Daughter

I think some parents
Never tell their children about the real world.
How things really work.
They give sugar coated life lessons
And tell of a romanticized reality

Their children dream of Prince Charming’s
Who will sing them to sleep
And kiss their scars
And give them everything
But it doesn’t really work that way

And villains don’t wear capes,
But instead heart melting smiles
And eyes of a brilliant shade
That will make you fall in love

They won’t kiss your scars, darling,
They’ll leave deeper ones
But they’ll heal
And you won’t be broken,
You’re too strong to be broken
You’ll stitch your heart back together
And you’ll be okay,
I promise

You’ll be even closer
To a happy ever after

And, oh my dear,
There will be happy ever after
At the end of the roller coaster,
But life is trial-and-error
There are drops and twists
And sometimes you don’t see them coming
But it’s all temporary
And then it’s smooth sailing

The ride is different for everyone
And you have to figure out
How yours goes
There will be no tutorial
But honey, you can’t give up,
Even if there are more falls than you expect.

Don’t you ever give up.



About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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One Response to Things I’d Tell My Daughter

  1. thenarcissistwrites says:

    Well said!

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