A Message Long Overdue

It’s 2am and once again I’m surrounded by textbooks
I have 3 exams tomorrow
A paper due Friday
A head full of chemical equations, philosophies, and chaos
And circles under my eyes that are fifty shades of gray

It’s so easy to get stressed out, mom
But you’re helping me through this

Stop. Breathe. And think.
That’s what you always told me
And just by hearing your voice in my head
I oblige

If I called you now,
You’d say to focus and finish
So that’s what I’m doing
I filled a shot glass with M&M’s and threw it back
Just like we did that one time

It’s at times like this when I miss you the most
Your soothing voice was the melody of my childhood
And just hearing it play is a refuge

Yesterday you told me I make you so proud
And my eyes swelled up with tears
Because you fill me with inspiration
And build me up so I can accomplish my dreams

I want you to know that it’s all worth it

It seems that the stars shine brighter
When they are illuminated by the light of the radiant moon

You’re my moon, mom
When you smile upon me
I glow so much brighter
Even hundreds of miles away

Your guiding hand has made me all that I am
And I cannot begin to fathom the words
To express my gratitude

I know I don’t say it enough
Because it would be like a bullet in my rock hard ego
But I love you, mom
And I hope to never stop making you proud



About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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