Life Can Change in Seconds

Blurs of green and brown
Splashed on the speckled window
Red needle pointed at number 80
Thumping of the bass echoes the pounding of my head
Of finally getting to see him again
The warmth of the sun
Foreshadowing a loving embrace
I’ve long been awaiting
Green glare of the digital clock
Marking time moving too slowly
As many emotions
As cars rushing by
Impatience has always been my downfall
Robotic cadence of the GPS
Chiming the next step in my endeavor
Screaming route numbers and exit signs
Blending in with the pounding radio
Glance at the radio to prompt a decrescendo
Hand off the wheel
Eyes off the road
Unexpected vibrations
A rumbling vehicle
A jerk of the wheel
But not back on track
Try to fix it
Out of control
Is it the car or my body?
Tear blurred vision
Horns blasting
Catching a glimpse of middle fingers
What a way to go
Redundant monotony of the GPS
Sweating palms
Hands slipping off the wheel
Still shaking
Mind in a thousand directions
Blurred skid marks out the window
Flailing limbs
“Why me”
18 years of life flashes in seconds
It’s been a good run
Hands off the wheel
Eyelids slide shut
Mind stops
Body numbs
Feeling nothing
But emptiness
I slide into surrender


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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