Unexpected Love

He took my eloquence
Added his irrefutable charm
And turned it into tongue tied
Of all the characteristics I assumed would fit a relationship
Soul-spinning was not one of them
He is lightening
Always two steps ahead of my thunder
Illuminating the entire night sky
Making a wretched storm something incredible
His enchanting personality
Makes flowers grow in the darkest parts of me
And I’m still exhaling petals
I never thought my tattered heart
Was any place to put a garden
But I can feel the butterflies
That revel in its presence
He didn’t dive in head first with a toolbox in his hand
Like the ones before him
Because I am not something that needs to be fixed
Instead he pointed out the sunlight shining through my cracks
And took each one as a sign of radiance
Not brokenness
He knows that living unscathed doesn’t make you beautiful
He made a path of streetlights
Illuminating the roads of my obscurity
Repelling demons
And leading me into his arms:
The only place that has ever felt like home



About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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