How I Met My Best Friend

My mother always told me
I have a strange affinity for broken things
Barbie dolls with glamorous smiles
And hair resembling silk
Did nothing for me as a child
I wanted something with a history
That toy with missing batteries
The stuffed dog with a ragged collar
A puzzle with a missing piece
Something like me
I’m drawn to people in the same way
The day I met you
Your lips were curled around a cigarette
And your eyes were holding a kind of torment
I could never comprehend
I asked you what your name was
And you asked me why it mattered
I took that as an invitation to light up next to you
You didn’t say anything
And neither did I
We stood next to each other in silence
Our faces lit up by cigarette embers
And the crescent moon
As you motioned another drag of burning oxygen
I noticed you were wearing a ring too big for your finger
I asked you why
You asked me why it mattered
I took that as an invitation to keep quiet
I could tell you were the type
That collected secrets in the way some people collect moments
And I didn’t want to push you
“It’s my father’s”
“Well, it was”
With that your ocean eyes became stormy
And you took a drag big enough for both of us
You fists were clenched at your side
I asked you what happened
You asked me why I cared
You took that as an invitation to put out your cigarette
I took that as an urge to do the same
You looked at me with a cold expression
And eyes a plea for help
But I’ve played with enough damaged toys
To know they can’t be mended
Only loved
So I grabbed your hand
And offered you another cigarette
You finally told me your name


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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