I Never Thought Of Myself As Much Of A Rule Breaker, But Here I Am

My mother made me swear to her I’d never do drugs
But that was before I took a hit of his perfection
And got high off his kiss

I promised I’d always look both ways before crossing the street
But then I threw myself head first into a collision with his smile
Without making sure the coast was clear

I told her I’d adjust my mirrors and always be ready to stop the car in an instant
But he’s black ice and I’m a tractor trailer on an icy hill
The laws of physics don’t make an exception for anti-lock brakes

I declared that I wasn’t one for drinking
But here I am a victim to his intoxicating charm
I took a shot of his compassion
And now I’m drunk on his sincerity

I said I’d always stay away from danger
But we’re the Mentos-in-a-soda-bottle science experiment
Our love is explosive
One touch a catalyst to combusting passion

I agreed to never make a boy my whole world
But I’m next to nothing without him

I vowed not to get ahead of myself
But, god, I think I’ll love him forever


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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