Sorry, I’m A Trainwreck

No I’m sorry
I can’t accept the damn compliment

And you can tell me all day long that it’s true
That I’m beautiful
And amazing
And perfect
But I’ll only laugh at you
Because you just don’t know

Have you ever searched for salvation
And ended up only clutching razors
Because the only saving grace is distraction?

Of course not.
You don’t know the devil like I do.

I used to have a muse inside me
That helped me write poetry:
Flowery metaphors and picturesque imagery
But he replaced it with demons
And when they’re not screaming words of hatred
Their silence is deafening
So I fill it with my own degradation

I’ll never believe you
I’ll always repel your kind words

Because you don’t know
That sometimes I don’t bother looking both ways
Because I may actually be dead already

I look in mirrors
With the same sick motive of someone
Who light fires for fun

And no, it isn’t humility
It’s brutal honesty
It’s a guilty conscience
Telling me not to accept a title for something
I clearly don’t deserve

And I know you think you’re King Mitis
But I’ll never be golden

Thanks anyway.


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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