I use the word forever like other ships use anchors

Cecilie K.

It frightens me that I love you so much I will hold your hand and support you through any road you take even if it leads away from me. 
There are ways I have loved before, like a needy child, like a stranger in the night.
I wanted to love you like a thief, steal your heart and be gone before you could miss me.
But in your hands I found anchors instead of burdens, and in your mouth I found reassurances instead of demands. 
I’m not asking you to get my name tattooed on your wrist or to propose to me when we’re both sober and I’ve been crying. 
These are the things I’ve ran away from, the men who say forever like it’s a rope they want to hang themselves with. 
But there is a duality inside me, along with the woman who loves you through it all…

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About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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