Tu Me Manques

It’s 3am and sleep is a stranger
My hands are crying out in anguish
And keeping my ears awake
Because they miss the feeling of entangled fingers

You really spoiled me, you know
Because now I find it hard to become prey to the arms of slumber
When you aren’t there to hold me

I used to find comfort in the fact
That we are under the same sky
But now I just curse the moon in envy
Because it gets to see you every night by the embers of your pipe
The orange glow of street lights
While I have just my abstract memories
And a couple pictures I have memorized

I’ve devoted a lot of thought
To “I miss you”
Written on digital chat windows
And said to a distorted voice on a static phone line
And I’ve decided it’s not accurate enough
In French, they say “tu me manques”

You’re missing from me


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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