Just Another Love Poem

The very first day I met you
I discovered that you’re a cold glass of water on a hot day
A work of art among piles of data
A flower growing in a garden of weeds—

You are a poem
With a message I emulate
That tells of an unconditional love;
Promises of forever have spilled from your gentle lips
Into my blemished ivory skin
You wiped away beads of sweat and self-doubt from my face
There was a glimmer of salvation in your eyes
You made me feel whole again

I used to be a boat with no destination—
Stoically floating
I made a habit of stealing hearts while hiding mine away
But then I met you
And before I could make like a thief
I saw that you already held my heart in your hands
So I made an anchor out of you instead

I have stopped drifting



About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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