I Love Him, But Apparently I Don’t Know What That Is

You told me to describe him,
My “so-called ‘first love’”
As you called it
Which I found to be quite a hardship
Because the transformation of feelings into words
Is a difficult one to initiate

I tried to characterize the rate of my ever-changing heartbeat—
Each spike and his gentle loving touch that prompts it
Its crashes with every slamming of the car door
Thumps and pitter patters that sing of my love for him
But I found that English couldn’t do it justice

So I told of simpler things:
How holding his hands was like tangible hope
Warm, like they soaked up everything good in the world
And I’m someone worth sharing it with

His words sweet as cinnamon sugar
Free of artificial colors, flavors, and judgment
His whispers in my ear
Butterflies in my stomach
A glow in my heart
A smile upon my face

I told of the passion of his kiss
Like a magic spell
With the power of all of Zeus’s lightning bolts
To bring a sweet release
From toils and snares of my own head
And place me in his loving arms
With the all the reassurance I’ll ever need

“After tracing constellations on his skin
And memorizing the galaxies in his eyes
I found heaven to be a bit overrated

He’s all I need
He has enough faith in me for the both of us
And God, I love him for it”

With that,
You looked me straight in the eye

“You’re too young to be in love”


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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