They Say That Life Is The Greatest Teacher

Maybe when you look at me the first thing you think of is ordinary
But each atom of my being is a fragment of radiant starlight
I used to see myself as a wilting rose
Patiently waiting its foretold doom
Formerly beautiful
And currently crumbling
Hidden away
Because it’s so much easier to suffer in silence
But I am not decaying
I do not possess a flower’s fragility
These are not wilting petals
They are battle scars
I am not something built to elicit looks of sympathy
I overcame the scorching sun and violent winds
And maybe I don’t look as perfect as before
But now I’m stronger
What they don’t tell you is that life doesn’t come with a manual
On your travels
You’ll walk down dead ends
You’ll trip over branches
Sometimes the rain is too heavy
And you end up walking backwards
But another thing they don’t tell you is that it’s worth the trip
And you won’t get worn down like a dying carnation because you’re not one
Your worth isn’t fading
You’re getting stronger


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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