Say You Love Me

Sing to me those words again
Just one more time
Lie to me
Be my muse again
Since you left my pen has run dry
My page is empty
Like my heart
After you took out your things
And returned the key
There’s a blockade in my soul
Where stars used to explode
Words don’t flow through me anymore
The same way my tears do
It turned dark when you left
My sun is gone
Flowers don’t grow at night
They’re wilted
And those butterflies?
They no longer have reason to fly
Like the night sky if you take away the moon
I am dimming
And it turns out you can’t drown bad feelings in vodka
And you can’t run away from yourself
So this is my desperate plea
Please lie to me again
Make me golden again
Be my King Mitis
I need you


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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