Fractured Armor

I used to express anguish in the form of hieroglyphics
Etched into cave walls no one cared to look for:
Ink spilling over old school notebooks with a dim desk light
Pouring over a wooden surface with questionable fortitude
As I sat trying to articulate
What sort of agony overshadowed my heart that night

When you asked I told you I was anti-emotion
As my hand obscured scar tissue indicating the opposite
Fighting salted tear drops every night I called my heart guarded
And told you there was no need to worry

But time went on and before I knew it the dam had broken
Parts of me I spent nineteen years concealing flowed into you
Like red wine on a white carpet

And ever since you’ve been trying to bleach them out


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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