Stone Walls and Fire Breathing Dragons

You told me of your skyscraper dreams
Built like castles
You need walls of stone
To guard that paper heart
Parading around with its torn edges
And coffee stains from the ones who left you

They weren’t neat about it

You illustrate the details
In architect jargon:
A wooden drawbridge
That you couldn’t let down,
Not after that last mishap,
Woods miles deep
A fast-flowing moat
A fire breathing dragon
To represent who you want to be
A room in the highest point of the tallest tower
With a view
So, for once, you can see what’s coming

This was your solution
Because you know that crumbled parchment
Will never go back
No matter what you do to flatten it

But honey
It’s about as good as using a stapler
To mend a paper cut


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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