Beach Magic

Porcelain skin
Exposed to the warm embrace of summer’s heat
Gently kissed by the sun’s playful lips

Hair of silk
Riddled with shades of sunshine and brown sugar
Tangled in the soft grip of the sand

She lay there in contrast
With the dark colors of her beach towel
Acutely aware of her own beauty

Her eyelids slid shut
When she felt his gaze upon her blushed cheeks
The subtle breeze toyed with her long lashes
Her rosy lips curved upward

He paused to contemplate
How a second such a this
Can last an eternity

How one heartbeat’s pitter patter
Can stop the world around him

Looking at her
That midsummer cloudless moment
He swore they could be infinite

If only she’d let them


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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