Five Stars

“I don’t let anyone touch me” I said
But good god
He was the kind of person
You couldn’t help but love

I swore I’d never let a boy into my poetry
But look what I’m doing
Baby, you stole the show
This is your standing ovation

An Oscar for your reassuring laugh
That time I stumbled over my own feet
Distracted by your ocean eyes
It was the kind that made you feel like you did something right
The kind of laugh that made you smile too

Another for your ambition
The contagious kind
Filling me with the same conviction you have
The kind that will save the world

A Grammy for the song of your heart
For your body armor
The kind that matches mine
You keep your trust guarded by cinder block walls
You’re fighting the dragon to get it back
To give to me?

Will you let me into your poetry?


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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