Society calls him fuckboy

she was born
with a fire
bellowing inside with
unapologetic identity

but don’t touch her
too quickly or she jumps
blood pumps faster
palms get sweaty
and war memories are drudged up
like a dead girl from a river

“don’t worry, you’ll like it”
plays back like a promise
cheek cold from bathroom tiles
head spinning from liquor toxins
oh but didn’t you hear?
delirium is the new sexy

priding himself
on the catch of the day
he stands over her
body swaddled by
a blood stained rug
a reminder that his hunger
is her responsibility

she meets his lion eyes
with fleece-coated submission
a slave
to her very fear


About savannahlyn

I write to articulate what my tongue cannot
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2 Responses to Society calls him fuckboy

  1. god this is a stunning piece of writing

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